I recently completed designing and building a 8×10 large format digital video camera, the first of it's type in the world. I get into how it works in the video below, but essentially it's off-axis reimaging of a projected image, and this folded optical path cuts the size of the rig in half compared to other digital large format attempts! as with any re-imaging camera, you lose some light, but with advances in large aperture wide angle lenses and sensitive cameras this sort of camera is now a practical possibility. 
the camera was detailed in articles on Cinema5D, PetaPixle, FStoppers, DIYPhotography and NewsShooter as well as on my guest article on DPReview (yes, being able to say that was a bucket list item for me)
here are some images of the rig itself (the camera is dismounted in some of the shots, to be able to take images of the camera):
and here are some still images taken with the camera:
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